Admissions & Tours

We, at Aaron Manor, would like you to consider us for your residency. Our facility and staff provide the support you need for an exceptional experience! Whether contemplating a short or longer term stay, we would like your selection process to be as easy as possible. We invite you to schedule a time for a tour and come see for yourself. Please call (585) 388-4415, to speak with the Admissions Coordinator, or click here to fill out our Resident Application Application For Admission

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To offer you the optimum support for placement at
Aaron Manor Rehabilitation & Continuing Care Center, we ask that you kindly complete our application, and provide
us with the following information necessary to evaluate you or your loved one:

  • • A current PRI (Patient Review Instrument) & Screen, within 90 days of application. These can be done by any visiting nursing service, or senior service agency. (This is not necessary for patients coming from a hospital.)
  • • A signed HIPPA form, which we use to request medical history & information from the patient’s Primary Care Physician (This is not necessary for patients coming from a hospital.)
  • • Any Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney and MOLST forms that the patient may have in effect
  • • Copies of all the patient’s insurance cards, Social Security card & photo ID
  • • When seeking Long Term Placement, we may ask that you also provide copies of current Bank Statements and other account statements with the completed application.

The written and verbal information provided to us is considered privileged, and will be treated confidentially. Specifics about how we protect your information can be found here

If you have questions on how to obtain a PRI, Screen and/or HIPPA Form, please contact our Admissions Department at (585) 388-4415. Each applicant is carefully assessed to determine the specific medical, physical, nursing and psychosocial needs.

Aaron Manor accepts Private, Medicare, Medicaid, and other Third Party Payers.

All approved applicants are placed in a waiting pool from which admissions are made according to the care needs of the applicant. Admission is based on a variety of additional factors as well, including, but not limited to: special needs of the applicant, whether there is an opening at the appropriate level of care, roommate compatibility, and if vacancy is in a double room, whether it is male or female occupied. To easily contact us, send or fax your application information to:

Admissions Coordinator
Aaron Manor
100 St. Camillus Way
Fairport, NY 14450
585.377.0054 (Fax)