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COVID-19 Delta Virus Prevention Plan

Dear Family and Friends of Aaron Manor,

The Delta virus has been detected in our community; it is known to be highly transmissible. In response, Aaron Manor has implemented proactively the following infection prevention plan.

  • All non vaccinated staff and visitors will be required to wear a face shield in addition to their mask.
  • Visitors must be masked at all times on facility grounds and throughout the entire visit. Non compliant visitors will be asked to leave the premises.
  • To minimize risks for transmission of COVID-19 to our residents, all non vaccinated visitors will be arranged for visitation in designated areas with increased ventilation and adequate spacing. These areas are limited to the outside front porch or inside front fire place room, excluded from resident living areas, with the exception of end of life visits only.
  • The facility will be glad to assist any visitor who is interested in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Staff weekly testing will now also include vaccinated staff requiring one test per week between Wednesday and Wednesday.
  • Residents who are not vaccinated will be placed on contact and droplet precautions with staff using protective PPE when providing direct contact.

This plan will be effective at the beginning of the day on 8/4/2021. We appreciate in advance all the cooperation in keeping our residents safe.

Joseph Dilal III LNHA Administrator

Lauri Hulpiau RN Assistant Administrator

Welcome to Aaron Manor

Aaron Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a family owned and operated skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Fairport, New York.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide people in our community with healthcare, customer services, support and employment to achievetheir individual best quality of life.

Our Vision

To redefine skilled nursing care through successful team development, use of technology, progressive service and being a strong community partner.

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Why Aaron Manor

  • Outstanding Team
  • Individual Care
  • Family Atmosphere
  • Extraordinary Quality

Interested In Aaron Manor?

Are you or a loved one interested in living at Aaron Manor?

For additional information please call: (585) 377-4000, visit our contact us page or complete the form below to receive more infomation.

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Aaron Manor provides a wide spectrum of activities and events to enhance quality of life and promote good socialization.


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